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Hey! I'm Basak. In 2018, I and my husband (Bugra) decided to quit our career and move to US. I always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and bringing beautiful European products to my new home. I like to make connections with many people. My passion is to turn our routines into meaningful and unique experiences. That might be with the touch of European cultures or seeing their craftwork being used in many ways in people’s homes. I am also glad to have an ongoing connection with my hometown, Turkey.
Our handmade ceramics are all created by shaping the clay and making unique traditional designs and painting them. We also furnace them to finalize our products in a best way. 
Our mosaic lamps are also handcrafted by local artisans in Turkey with glass pieces. When you plug in, you will be impressed how beautiful and colorful they are. 
And, Our hand-woven Turkish towels, blankets, robes are crafted by artisans in small family owned workshops in a village in Turkey. Here the traditional craft of looming and weaving unequaled textiles has been passed down generations. By bringing these authentic products to the US, we are also happy to provide work and income for those artisans and their families.
One other memorable moment was to have our dog (Cookie) in our life. He is a part of our family and you may take a look his cutiest photos on our social media profiles.
Now, we are very excited to share our Journey with you. Thank you for being part of us!